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Precision pipe machining
with femtosecond and
Fiber laser

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Despite the wide range of configuration options for our standard machines, planned budgets, specific manufacturing conditions or special process parameters can be reasons for special customer requirements. In this case, our team develops and manufactures customized machine solutions for laser precision processing. And the optimized laser process is naturally included.

The special machines of the type LLT.custom are always the result of our many years of expertise in the field of laser micromachining. Not only the work as a contract manufacturer for precision products, but also the associated development and production of our own standard systems are the basis for the fact that our special machines deliver perfect machining results through the use of the latest technologies and are optimized for industrial use.rgebnisse liefern und für den industriellen Einsatz optimieren sind.

Expertise - Benefit from our experience as a machine builder

Since 1997, LLT Application has been engaged in the use of laser technology for high-precision material processing. The knowledge and experience from this long period are also reflected in our machines and thus flow directly into the precision products of our customers.

Almost 25 years of technological know-how in the field of laser micromachining

Experience with laser production technology and proven standard components in own contract manufacturing

From conception to feasibility study and sample production to the production-ready package of laser process and machine

Realized special machines

Laser Structuring Machine (2019)

Application: Laser ablation

Laser source: femtosecond laser with galvo scanner and fixed optics

Intended use: Material removal from optical 3D components

Customer: Research institution, Baden-Württemberg

Special features:

Three separate workstations for processing with galvo scanner and fixed optics

Travel range of 800 mm * 250 mm * 400 mm

5-axis kinematics

Three additional optical Z-axes for highly dynamic focusing

Three wavelengths (UV / Green / Infrared)Measuring camera and probe

Laser welding machine (2018)

Application: Laser welding

Laser source: fiber laser with fixed optics

Purpose: Contract manufacturing for medical technology manufacturers

Customer: Manufacturing service provider, Switzerland

Special features:

Extensive accessibility

Safety light grid

Fully integrated control cabinet

Standing and sitting workstation

Laser welding system (2017)

Application: Laser welding

Laser source: fiber laser with galvo scanner

Intended use: welding of thin sheets

Customer: Manufacturer of thin sheet metal parts, Baden-Württemberg

Special features:

Requirement specific machine frame

Gantry system

Rotating shuttle table (180°)

Safety light grid

Development and production of devices for pre-assembly and pneumatic clamping



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