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Precision Tube Machining
with Femtosecond and
Fiber laser

No Damaging of the
Inner Tube Wall

Reduced Heat Input
with Wet Cutting Option

Fully Automatic
Tube Loading & Unloading

2D Machining

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Challenges in manufacturing and processing fine or precision tubes are complex. Especially high-tech industries such as medical technology, sensor technology or optics, expect not only high precision but also gentle treatment of sensitive and cost-intensive materials, as in the case of stents or hypotubes. was developed to meet these expectations. Due to the use of an ultrashort pulse laser, the heat-affected zone and the associated thermal stress on the material are minimal, as are the feasible dimensions of the cutting or drilling contours. The material retains the desired properties and residues such as melt are avoided.

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Microcutting, drilling and marking of fine tubes, cylindrical and 2D components

Up to ± 3 µm positioning accuracy

Process range (X, Y, Z): up to 600 mm * 50 mm * 35 mm

Bis zu 4 Achsen für radiale sowie Off-Axis-Schnitte

Combined operation of fiber and femtosecond laser

Tube feeder and wet cutting system

High precision laser machining of precision tubes

Gentle processing of sensitive and high-cost materials

Autonomous operation with fully automated component handling


Precision Cutting

Precision Drilling

Precision Ablating


Technical data
Laser cutting, laser drilling, laser ablation
Processable parts
Tubes / cylindrical components: 0.3 mm - 19 mm diameter, 2D components: up to 40 mm * 40 mm * 20 mm
Processable materials
Metals, Stainless steel, Nitinol, Titanium, Phynox, Platinum-Iridium, Cobalt-Chromium, Magnesium, Brass, Copper, PEEK, Polymers, Special materials
Processable material thickness
Up to 1.5 mm
Process area (X * Y * Z)
Up to 600 mm * 50 mm * 35 mm
X-axis: up to ± 1 µm, Y-axis: up to ± 0.5 µm, Z-axis: up to ± 3 µm
Path accuracy
X-axis: up to ± 3 µm, Y-axis: up to ± 3 µm, Z-axis: up to ± 10 µm
Movement speed
X-axis: up to 2,500 mm/s, Y-axis: up to 500 mm/s, Z-axis: up to 100 mm/s
4-axis machining
Radial cutting, Off-axis cutting, Parallel cutting edges
Rotation axis
Direct drive, Rotation range: > 360°, Accuracy: up to ± 0,006° per 360°, Rotation speed: 400 min-1
Laser sources
Fiber laser, Ultrashort pulse laser, (combined operation possible)
Process optics
Fixed optics
CNC control system
Machine base
Dimensions (W * D * H)
approx. 2,100 mm * 650 mm * 1,800 mm incl. swivel range of the control panel (without control cabinet)
approx. 1,800 kg incl. electrical cabinet (depending on specific machine configuration)
Designed as stand or seated workstation, Flexible front module for maintenance and process set-up


Fully automated tube & bar feeding incl. unloading function

Fully integrated and closed water circuit for wet cutting applications

Finished part sorting

Vision system for automatic measurement and inspection

Fully integrated electrical cabinet

Pneumatic clamping systems and automatic component handling

Filter and cooling systems

Control System & Software

ECKELMANN CNC controller

Ergonomic touch screen user interface

Handheld control unit for setup work and manual positioning

Programming on the machine or at the computer workstation

CAD-CAM software for CNC programming



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