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The path from the initial product idea to a stable and economical production solution can be very arduous under certain circumstances. Especially if experience with special technologies such as lasers is lacking. This is often further complicated by a multitude of interfaces between product manager, developer and production technologist.

For these reasons, we would like to offer you the fully comprehensive solution from a single source and support you in the implementation of your manufacturing solution, regardless of whether the result is contract manufacturing at our facility or your own precision laser system at your manufacturing site.

1. Consulting

Are you looking for a new or alternative solution to manufacture your precision products?

Then the laser can be the perfect answer. We will be happy to find out together with you whether this is actually the case and develop possible concepts for precision machining using lasers from your ideas, drawings or an existing product.

We select the appropriate process and advise you on laser-compatible design and suitable material selection.

2. Process Development

Process development is one of the most exciting phases in the production of precision components. Here, it is a matter of illuminating all influencing variables, regardless of whether they concern your requirements in terms of quality and accuracy or material properties and the specific laser technology in question.

All points must be taken into account in order to find the correct laser and machine parameters from them.

With many years of experience from countless projects, our application engineers are happy to take on this complex task.

3. Sample Production

Once the initial process setup is in place, the first sampling can begin. With this step, we check the feasibility of your idea on the basis of initial tests in our application laboratory.

Within one working day, we test your materials and show a first approach to a solution using sample parts.

You will receive a non-binding and free statement on the feasibility of your ideas and requirements.

4. Prototyping

Before serial production of a product can begin, a prototype is usually required to convince your customer to order production of the precision product from you.

Similarly, a prototype may be required to get approval for internal capital budgets.

As soon as our initial sampling has convinced you, we start the optimization of process and precision product according to your ideas regarding quality, productivity and economic efficiency.

5. Contract Manufacturing

Once the laser machining process has been optimized and the prototype of your precision component has convinced your customer or decision-makers, series production can begin.

At your request, our contract manufacturing takes over the complete production for you and thus relieves your personnel resources.

Whether small or large series, we manufacture your precision component according to your specifications, including conventional finishing and quality certificate.

6. Inhouse Manufacturing

For ramping up production volumes, external contract manufacturing involves few investments and risks. Nevertheless, it can make sense to relocate production to the company's own manufacturing site during the transition to large-scale production or in terms of in-house value creation.

Based on the knowledge and experience gained from sample to contract production, we provide you with the perfect machine solution. And comprehensive operator or process engineer training as well as sustained support for maintenance and service are of course also part of the package.

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